• Kevin Vicks

    Sound Mixer

  • WHO I AM

    Kevin Andrew Vicks. The man who can become your go-to sound tech.

    Professional Freelance Sound Mixer, Audio Engineer and Filmmaker


    Cellphone: 630 - 363 - 3122

    Email: kvicks59@gmail.com


    Hello! My name is Kevin Vicks, and I am a young freelance filmmaker and sound mixer based in the greater Chicagoland area.


    If you need someone to cover any of your sound and audio needs for your visual media, then look no further!


  • My Skills and Services

    Just some of the treatments I can do for your sound. Click around and hear the difference!

    Location Audio

    "The Sound Guy"

    On set, or on site, I have the knowledge, skill, and gear to deliver crisp and clear audio on anything you roll your camera on.

    Sound Design

    Next Level Immersion

    Pull your viewers in with the creation of new sound effects, soundscapes and effects for any of your creative media. Cool stuff you've never heard.


    Smooth & Dynamic

    I can tackle your mix. Play your piece from front to back to any audience with confidence in your sound.


    More than just a hobby

    Need some music to accompany your art? I can compose original music for any of your projects to give it a truly unique sound.


    My Soundcloud

    Media Production

    Photo and Video

    With my Sony α7s and suite of video gear, I can also photograph and film your special event or project. Superior images captured with an artist's eye.

    Video Games

    Audio Engineering

    My fellow comrades and I started our own video game company in 2016, and are working on our first game, Ascend!


    Bearhammer Fortress LLC


    How about some Jams?

    EST 2015, Boats is an experimental Garage Rock Jam Band hailing from Chicagoland. I play on guitar and handle all the sound for the band.


    Boats Soundcloud

  • My Sound Equipment

    My ever growing arsenal of Sound Gear!

    My Sound Kit


    Mixer: Zoom F8 (8 track mixer/recorder)

    Shotgun: Sennheiser MKH416

    Wireless: Sennheiser G3 w/ ME2 mics (x4)

    IFB: Comtek PR-216 (x2)

    Handheld: Shure SM58

    Boom: K-Tec 13ft, Integrated XLR

    Backup: Zoom H6, Rode Smartlav (x2)

    Digital Mixing Board: Zoom LiveTrak L12

    Camera: Sony a7s



    Extra Gear:

    Rycote Windshield Blimp, x4 25ft XLR, x3 15ft XLR, Rechargeable Batteries, Audio Cables and Adapters, Mic-stands, Alto 750watt Loud Speakers, Tools, Wraps, C-Stand, Apple Box, Sound Blankets, Gaff Tape, and a good attitude!

  • A Sample of My Work

    Take a look and enjoy!

    Featured Project

    Sacred Cod

    This is a scene selects and sizzle reel of a documentary I've been working on based in Gloucester Massachusetts about the rapidly changing cod fishery of the east coast.

    Documenting real social justice

    An Excerpt from "Finding Fatherhood"

    This is an excerpt from a documentary I ran sound on and mixed last year. The piece is about a group of social workers and their grass roots program that helps reunite estranged and down-on-their-luck fathers with their children and helps strengthen their relationships. This was part of a PBS program (you can watch it here) that was nominated for a Heartland Emmy and won the Colorado Broadcasters’ Association award for Best Public Affairs Program.

    Game & Sound Design

    Ascend Reveal Trailer

    Check out our first trailer for the first game from Bearhammer Fortress, a video game company started by me and my colleagues! For this game, I'm in charge of all the sound and music in the game.

    Just a little practice

    Dungeons & Dragons Trailer Sound re-Design

    A sound editing and mixing exercise I did to hone my skills, used solely for educational purposes only. I removed the existing soundtrack from the original video found here and created my own almost entirely from scratch. I recorded Foley and VO's for about 95% of the SFX. The select few sounds I did glean from public libraries I edited into hybrid SFX with my own material.

  • Contact

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